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Svjetska premijera - glazbeni kolektiv ARKTIK - Rođendan umjetnosti ž Zagreb, Lauba 0

WORLD PREMIERE: music collective ARKTIK

In an exciting concert on 17th January 2019. during the international radio broadcast from Zagreb’s Lauba during the Art’s birthday event the world premiere of music collective ARKTIK happened. Full concert video is available...

audicija ARKTIK za rođendan umjetnosti 0

Members selected for the musical collective ARKTIK

Two rounds of auditions for the musical collective ARKTIK, led by Vesna Mačković, were held in December at the cult alternative Močvara Club in Zagreb. The following artists are selected for the starting line-up...


ARKTIK – The Institute for the future – announcement

Tell us about your wishes for cooperation, support or whatever this video inspires you to. Our contact information: Art organization ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future, Zagreb, Croatia Manager and contact: Vesna Mačković,...