Help us to be the messengers of good things and the necessary changes. 

You can pay donations via Paypal service (you don’t have to be an account user)

Bank payment data

Recipient: ARKTIK
Location: Zagreb
Description of the transaction: donation
Bank: RBA
IBAN account: HR2124840081135086114

What will we fund with your donations?

With your donations we will finance:

  • 8 art projects in the first year,
  • hiring a full time producer and 
  • cover marketing and website costs. 

You can also contribute by spreading a word about this campaign so we can achieve these projects and awaken the urgency for positive changes in society. 

How can you donate?

  • By contracting standing order, you enable us to hire a full time producer and to carry out our regular work flow in management, web site maintenance, marketing and communications.
    • Standing order can be authorized at your bank where you can arrange regular monthly payments of certain amount being paid to the account of our art organisation ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future.
  • You can also make a single donation, empowering us to work on our current projects and make our visions come true.
    • Single donation can be paid right away directly to the account of the art organization “ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future”.

What do you get? 

  1. 2% of your annual income (if you are a physical entity ) or profit (if you are a legal entity) is considered as tax relief or tax-deductible expense under the regulation of the Croatian Income Tax Act. Therefore, at the end of the year, if you submit a tax refund claim as a physical entity, you can potentially make a higher tax refund, or as a legal entity, lower the tax liability.
    • When you give a donation, ARKTIK will send confirmation for the paid donation to the e-mail address you submitted to us so you can use this document as a tax relief.
  2. You will become our VIP person, our VIF (Very Important Friend) and you will always have the special spot in our performances, concerts and film shows as VIP and VIF people deserve. With your permission, we will also like to post a thank-you postcard on our official web page and Facebook.
  3. Also, you can expect a surprise gift in every new project: souvenirs from performances, posters and poetry books, all signed by actors and authors with a personalized message just for you!
  4. Hangout! Yes! We will be glad to socialize with you after each show, and you will be able to take photos with actors and musicians, enjoy talking about art or the world in general, toasting with a drink for new and more significant projects!
  5. The joy and personal fulfillment that you will feel after our concert, performance or film screening, when you realize that you are involved in creating art that speaks out about topics that are to be discussed more and more, will be an invaluable gift and don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of it!