ARKTIK’s gallery opened at the Croatian pavilion on the digital art biennale The Wrong

As a part of IF Festival – International Festival of Asking Questions art organisation ARKTIK – the Institute for the future opened online exhibition as part of the Pivilion project on the biggest biennale of digital arts The Wrong. The exhibition is online at the darknet platform.  Organisers of this platform are  Format C @ The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale and it is produced by Hacklab01. The #pivilion_dot_net pavilion is based on inclusive content curation and focuses on presenting digital Croatian, as well as transnational art.

How to visit the exhibition?

The exhibition will be accessible via URL (online) and IRL (live).


The online exhibition is available at the following link: or via the Tor browser at pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/pavilion

ARKTIK’s gallery is at the darknet link arktik4w4ps4lrda.onion

The project will be available throughout 2020.


You can also visit the exhibition live from December 9th to December 15th, 2019 at the SCHEIER Center (at Dr. Ivana Novak 38, Čakovec, Croatia). The exhibition opening will be held on the December 9th at 6 pm, and after the exhibition visitors can participate in a free and open workshop on art on darknet.


This collaboration happened because organizers wanted to enable (visual) artists to present their works to the public in a non-traditional way. The artworks are displayed online instead in a gallery space or a museum. It is important for the organizers that displayed artwork is related to socially relevant topics. This aims to highlight specific topics in public life and encourage the viewer to think critically about those topics. The organizers also want to give a whole new life to the artworks that, after the closing of the exhibition at which they were presented, became inaccessible to interested public.

Croatian artworks

  • _new world 4, Ivana Tkalčić
  • Gdje je nestalo 100 kuna / Where did 100 kunas go Marijan Crtalić
  • Priča o vodi / Story about water Vladimir Biga
  • Collage my life with the chaos of trouble Maša Gavran


The Wrong:

Format C

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