INVITATION: Impromondays at Vinyl present ARKTIK duo – Vesna Mačković and Želimir Schauer

Club Vinyl in Bogovićeva 3, near Jelačić square in Zagreb, Croatia within its rich repertoire of improvisational jazz and rock program on April 29th 2019. for the first time has the opportunity to host the ARKTIK music collective. Impromondays stand for Vinyl program platform that includes free-improvised music evenings on Mondays.

Impromondays are organized by Cargo Art Association in collaboration with Vinyl Club. Musicians, performers, dancers, poets, visual artists and all those who find space for expression, research, communication, artistic freedom and creativity in the form of free improvisation are invited to participate in the platform.

Vesna Mačković
Vesna Mačković

Vesna Mačković, the founder and artistic leader of the music collective ARKTIK, with whom she represented Croatia in January 2019. on the Art’s Birthday event covered by more than 20 European and North American radio stations, on this occasion performs in a duet with one of the members of the mentioned music collective – Želimir Schauer.

Vesna Mačković is a multidisciplinary artist and music is just one aspect of her expression. Music projects and collaborations of Vesna Mačković have already been recognized in Brazil, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Želimir_Schauer - elektronika, bas gitara
Želimir_Schauer – elektronika, bas gitara

While Vesna experiments with her voice mixing it through effects and looping it through various iPad applications, Želimir Schauer brings synth and various sounded objects into the performance. Želimir besides music also writes, records and produces short films, plays in several experimental bands and, with the help of keyboards, guitars and other instruments, creates his own sounds.

FULL VIDEO of the world premiere concert is available on Vimeo on Demand platform. Support the ARKTIK collective future works by renting or buying the video: and enjoy in the audiovisual event that has already been around the world.

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