PREMIERE: My speech (Robson Catalunha and Vesna Mačković)

Moj govor (vizualno rješenje: Antonio Dolić)

Brazilian theatre artist Robson Catalunha and Croatian multidisciplinary artist Vesna Mačković after meeting many times during the years from year 2017. in New York in residence of Bob Wilson and brazilian São Paulo on festival Satyrianas are bringing to stage their first theater work together. The premiere of the play “My speech/Meu discurso“ which has been created in Zagreb during September 2019., in October will be premiered in Museum of contemporary arts in Zagreb and after that in theatre Satyros in São Paulo in Brasil (with support of Croatian ministry of culture, City of Zagreb, as well as spaces of MSU and theatre Satyros). 


5.-6.10.2019., MSU, Zagreb (Gorgona), Croatia
18.-19.10.2019., Satyros, São Paulo, Brazil

Video teaser: Moj govor / Meu discurso / My speech (Vesna Mačković, Robson Catalunha)

Cast and crew:

Authors and performers: Vesna Mačković, Robson Catalunha
Music and video: Vesna Mačković
Light: Andrija Santro (Croatia), Tiago Capella Zanota (Brazil)
Photography and video: Hrvoje Zalukar, Ivan Marinković 

Inicijativa "Umjetnost dostupna svima"

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Two artists, Vesna Mačković from Croatia and Brazilian artist Robson Catalunha, selected from numerous Vesna’s international collaborations on 4 continents, in this performance work will examine their communicational (in)capabilities caused by completely different mother languages.  During their artistic journeys, their experiences and artistic collaborations as a source of voices and voices of people in different cultures, languages and spheres of social life was created. From this starting point, the two artists will explore, through frightening but also comical comparisons of today’s political voices and vocalizations, and through experimentation with primal voices from prehistoric to present-day civilized man, how much the humanoid’s communication skills have actually changed over the historical ages and centuries.

What are you saying and what am I saying?  What is my speech and what is yours? Do you recognize my voice or is everything I speak out of myself foreign to you?

Using the methods of physical theater, this text-and-voice experiment will lead artists to examine each other through the languages ​​of their bodies.Where are they from?  Where are they going? Do we recognize their speech?  Where do two of us are ending and where do we all start?

Photos from the premiere (Hrvoje Zalukar)

Photo announcement (Hrvoje Zalukar, only White house: Ivan Marinković, graphic design: Antonio Dolić)

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