Radio premiere: The Stage from Across the Ocean

Izgradnja replike hale Željezare Sisak u Watermill centru u New Yorku
Construction of a replica of the Sisak Ironworks Hall at the Watermill Center in New York

Radiophonic work by multidisciplinary artist Vesna Mačković The Stage from Across the Ocean, premiered on October 26th, 2019. It premiered on the third Croatian radio program in a radio-show Ars acustica, edited by Adriana Kramarić. The work deals with the artist’s first departure “across the ocean” for her summer residency at the Watermill Center in New York.

The artist, Vesna Mačković stayed at the Artistic Residency of theater director Robert Wilson in New York during July and August of 2017. On that occasion, a replica of the Sisak Ironworks factory was built for her appearance at the Watermill Art Center on Long Island. Vesna Mačković recorded the course of her journey as well as the stage construction with a sound recorder.

You know that feeling you get when something breaks down, cuts, breaks, grinds, and something else is being made, glued, joined, screwed, walled and built? When the old one goes out and fades and the new grows, blooms and smells? That’s how it sounded to me when they were building a new stage in New York, just for me. And the old stage, you know the one I left on the other side of the ocean, you know, it will never smell the same again. – Vesna Mačković

The work was produced by Katarina Račić.

You can listen to the radiophonic work here:

Photos from a summer residency in Watermill, New York, USA (photographed by Chloé Bellemèr, Lovis Ostenrik, Mladen Ergic)

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