We invite volunteers in Zadar and online (distant) to join the team of the art organization ARKTIK – Institute for the Future!

about us: https://www.arktik.eu/arktik-sto-kako-i-zasto/

Are you interested in contemporary art, cultural activities, and social engagement?  These are all areas covered by ARKTIK, a young organization that aims to create and promote socially conscious works of art, empower the voices of marginalized groups and break down social barriers.

Get involved in our work, expand your knowledge and skills, and help us turn the world into a better place for everyone.  The only thing we expect from you is a lot of enthusiasm, a desire to learn and your own computer on which you can work from home according to your own schedule.

What do you gain?

  • field practice in creating new art projects, production, organization, and work with the media, actors and technical team
  • the possibility of observing theatrical rehearsals, making scenography and costumes
  • books and tickets for performances as a gift
  • POSSIBILITY of paid engagement after some time of various volunteer tasks through which we would see what part fits you and our vision the best, that is, what type of tasks brings the best results

What are we looking for?

VOLUNTEERING FROM HOME (with your own computer)

  • A language interpreter (to translate from Croatian to English)
  • Croatian language lecturers
  •  Authors for media announcements (premieres, text form)  and other events
  • Send newsletters to subscribers via our own PHP list application
  • Video editors ( for simple short videos)
    • Administrators for one or more of these online platforms:
    • web pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • WordPress, the site of several different art projects
    • YouTube and Vimeo channels
    • Soundcloud and Bandcamp catalogs
    • Filling in the application forms for various tenders for grants and donations according to predefined concepts


  • Photographing and / or video recording of the improvised text and sound workshop around 25.-28.8.2021.  (Old Town Zadar)
  • Photographing and / or video recording of a concert performance 28.8.2021.  (Old Town Zadar)
  •  Looking after a painting exhibition  for several hours a day from 1.-10.8.2021.  (Old Town Zadar)
  • Assistance with setting up the exhibition at the end of July and removing the exhibition around 10.8.

 If you already have previous experience in these areas, or if you simply think that you have what it takes to take a shot in any of these categories and learn and progress in these jobs with us, feel free to contact us, we look forward to seeing you!




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