Full video of the WORLD PREMIERE: music collective ARKTIK

World premiere - experimental music collective ARKTIK (Art's birthday, Zagreb, Lauba)
World premiere – experimental music collective ARKTIK (Art’s birthday, Zagreb, Lauba)

In an exciting concert on 17th January 2019. during the international radio broadcast from Zagreb’s Lauba during the Art’s birthday event the world premiere of music collective ARKTIK happened.

Full concert video is available at Vimeo on Demand page. We invite you to support our future work by renting or buying full video of the concert at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/arktikworldpremiere

Conducted by multidisciplinary artist and experimental sound author Vesna Mačković the concert consisted of sound and voice improvisations with textual interventions.

Using text in six languages (Croatian, Polish, Russian, German, Italian, English) and a set of instruments (percussions, cello, bass guitar, synths and electronics) the five performers and their artistic leader had opportunity to present the third part of Vesna’s long-term project “Whisper to me, I wanna yell!”. This project had it’s beginnings in Vesna’s collaborations with Russian pianist and improviser Roman Stolyar, continued in Kazahstan with contemporary music ensemble Eegeru and actress Zhanel Serghazina. Croatian collective as a third element of this international series brought in the work new instruments, additional languages and the opportunity to be heard via partial live broadcast on radio station in Europe and North during joined Art’s birthday event organized for croatian part by Croatian radio in the space of gallery Lauba.


  • Tijana Gojić Topolnik – vocals
  • Nino Orepić – percussion
  • Goran Goldberger – percussion
  • Adam Webster – cello
  • Želimir Schauer – electronics, bass guitar

Comments by audience

Comments by audience
Comments by audience

Photo from the premiere day: Ivan Marinković

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