Costumes for music collective ARKTIK by Martina Hrup and Luiza Serblin

Kostimi Martine Hrup i Luize Serblin
Kostimi Martine Hrup i Luize Serblin

The costumes for the world premiere performance of the members in the musical collective ARKTIK have been designed by Martina Hrup and Luiza Serblin as a part of a student project at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb.

The mentoring process was lead by professor Ivana Bakal and Đurđica Kocijancic in costume production, selecting fabric and materials, as well as the main colors according to the official logo of ARKTIK – The Institute for the Future.

A short video footage by Vesna Mačković and photographs made by Ivan Marinković display work in progress and the final dress rehearsal of the creations worn by the performers of the musical collective ARKTIK at their premiere, marking the international celebration of Art’s Birthday with a concert in Lauba organised by Croatian Radio.

Video pregled pripreme kostima i finalnih probi

Photographs of dress rehearsal and final photo session by photographer Ivan Marinković

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