Members selected for the musical collective ARKTIK

članovi glazbenog kolektiva ARKTIK
members of the musical collective ARKTIK

Two rounds of auditions for the musical collective ARKTIK, led by Vesna Mačković, were held in December at the cult alternative Močvara Club in Zagreb.

The following artists are selected for the starting line-up and performance at the world premiere during the international celebration of Art’s Birthday:

  • Tijana Gojić Topolnik – vocals
  • Nino Orepić – percussion
  • Goran Goldberger – percussion
  • Adam Webster – cello
  • Želimir Schauer – electronics, bass guitar

The audition was very inspiring, and below you can read short profiles of the selected members.

audicija ARKTIK za rođendan umjetnosti
ARKTIK’s audition for Art’s Birthday
Tijana Gojič Topolnik - vokal
Tijana Gojić Topolnik – vocals

Tijana Gojić Topolnik is a musician, writer and translator. Her stories have appeared on publishing portals and in literary journals, she translated librettos for performances in the Croatian National Theater, and performed in Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Pula, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. She’s been performing as a professional classical musician, choir-, klapa- (traditional Dalmatian a capella music) and solo-singer from the age of sixteen to the present day, recently also exploring gospel and soul, and she’s been doing text-based performances since her college days. She holds a Master in English and Russian Languages and Literature.

Why did you apply for the audition?

I applied for the audition because I found the description of the project, the goals, the idea of a new collective, and the geographic and acoustic map of work an extremely valuable and stimulating concept, to which I may contribute with my set of skills and knowledge.

Nino Orepić - perkusije
Nino Orepić – percussion

Nino Orepić has a degree in biology, and works as a sociobiologist. He is a trained instrumentalist and an unschooled musician. As a musical tutor he uses an innovative approach to teach “soft music skills”, supporting an innovative and free, but responsible expression. He’s been accumulating performing experiences for about 30 years through participating and collaborating in musical projects such as Intubeat, Mak Murtić & Ensemble, Naturalna mistika, Šomazguni, RDK, Kenkedenke, Nomad Jam, Bass Culture, Jahstice Sound, Sjećanja lovca na lisice, Mrlja… Together with his spouse, he coordinates interpersonal relationship improvement and nonviolent communication groups and workshops.

Why did you apply for the audition?

I applied because of my need to express the issues that are important to me, and because of the inexhaustible desire for new experiences in which I can discover and create myself in a dignified manner finding my own strengths and vulnerabilities. Also, because this project enriches my life with connections and happiness, and because I have great confidence in the leadership and inspiration that Vesna Mačkovic radiates.

Goran Goldberger - perkusije
Goran Goldberger – perkusije

Goran Goldberger earned a Master’s Degree in social sciences at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Along with educational and scientific work, he also performed as a drummer / percussionist (Krešo, Zli bubnjari, sound system Bass Culture, program Dekolonizacija), actor (at the Croatian National Theater, playing in Hasanaga directed by Marin Carić) and a DJ (Obi Gu, Space Crew, Goldi) at Rupa (a student club at his Faculty), club Močvara (Space Crew – Stage 2, Ministarstvo psihodelije), club Attack (Tribalizer), and festivals (Underwater Owerground 2, 3, 4). He tries to express his interests and see the reality of sociality and life through different forms of art, in each of them in their own special way, and when he gets the opportunity to work and to express himself, he feels happy and content.

Why did you apply for the audition?

He read about the audition in a Facebook post by his friend who is also a drummer and was attracted to the musical collective ARKTIK because he felt the spirit of activism. He believes that the topics which the musical collective ARKTIK aims to deal with are very important for our survival, and that music is an extraordinary medium through which they can be expressed and shared with all who are willing to hear and comprehend these issues.

Adam Webster - violončelo
Adam Webster – cello

Adam Webster has eighteen years of experience with improvisational musical performances. He was a part of many fixed collectives, but mostly plays in ad-hoc situations. From 2001. – 2013. he co-directed a musical organization in Liverpool that organizes concerts, festivals, ensembles and masterclasses related to improvised music. He worked with numerous established musicians in the domain of free improvisation music, such as Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Eddie Prevost, Maggie Nicols and others. He collaborated with poets, painters, and film and dance artists. Holds an MA in 20th century composition from the Liverpool Hope University. He also writes his own music.

Why did you apply for the audition?

I signed up for this project as, after reading the mission statement on the website, I felt a strong affinity towards the aims of the project. I am also always looking for new musicians and artists to work with.

Želimir_Schauer - elektronika, bas gitara
Želimir_Schauer – elektronika, bas gitara

Želimir Schauer began studying philosophy and performing in theater plays in 2008. He attends various acting workshops and courses, and produces, writes and films short movies. He also plays music in several experimental groups, in which he enjoys finding his own sounds with the help of keyboards, guitars and other instruments.

Why did you apply for the audition?

I auditioned for ARKTIK because of my need to express and share knowledge and experience with other artists, and this is precisely the type of place where I can envision further development of my artistic creations.

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